4 Turkey Tips from Chef Arturo

Are you making a turkey for the 1st time? Or maybe just want a few pointers to refresh before the big meal. We spent some time with Village Super Market’s executive chef, Dan Arturo, for his fail proof approach to making your turkey.

As Chef Arturo tell us, everyone has their own style, methods and beliefs and “..there are 1,000 different ways to do it..” but these are the basic Do’s and Don’ts to get you on your way to a Thanksgiving feast to make your mama proud.


  1. Defrost your Turkey! It’s hard to cook a frozen turkey yet many people forget to take the bird out of the freezer and transfer to the refrigerator, about 24 hours of thawing is recommended per 5 lb of turkey.
  2. Take out the giblets & neck. Check the turkey for any additional packaging that may be inside. You can find the neck in the front of the cavity and the giblets near the opening
  3. Don’t wash your turkey! I know this one may go against everything you’ve been taught, but when sealed in the bag it’s already brined with liquid. You DO however, want to add liquid to your roasting pan
  4. Cook your turkey until the internal temperature reaches 181 degrees F. A good rule of thumb is to cook your turkey in a 350 degree oven for 13 minutes per pound. Then remove and let it sit, tented in aluminum foil for about 25 minutes. This gives it a chance to reabsorb the juices and lets the meat firm up, making it easier to slice and juicer to eat!

There you have it, the basics of cooking a turkey. Make sure to watch Chef Arturo’s video as a breaks it down in less than 60 seconds. Find more how-to videos and recipes from Chef Arturo here!



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